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Puducherry, Pondicherry

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Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ This is regarding a complaint on a recent consumption which i had made at one of the KFC outlet in Pondycherry... I had purchased a KFC Classic Zinger chicken burger from the outlet in MG Road, Pondycherry today at about 9.00Pm and when i had taken a bite of it i was taken for shock since my mouth was filled with the taste of Chlorine/ bleaching powder and had vomited what ever had consumed just minutes before taking a bite of the world famous Zinger Chicken burger.. I immediately approached the KFC outlet at MG Road Pondycherry from where i had purchased the burger and the staff in the outlet informed me that the taste was not of Chlorine/Bleaching powder but that of a sanitizer used for cleaning Lettuce which had accidentally got stuck in the lettuce while in the process of cleaning... Since KFC is quite infamous for its quality standards be it the chicken or what ever and considering the issues which had taken place in Kerala and Coimbatore i have lost confidence in the quality of KFC, atleast what ever was left behind... I have been facing with stomach upset troubles and vomiting ever since i had consumed the CHEMICALLY COOKED KFC CLASSIC ZINGER CHICKEN BURGER... The staff at KFC MG Road branch Pondycherry was kind enough to give me back what i had paid for after insisting on getting a refund and was easy going on the issue that it was just because of the sediment stuck behind on the lettuce during the cleaning process and thanks for that warm reception... I was told that the chemical used for cleaning is SUMO TABS... However, I would like to take this issue further up since it is something which involves Food Safety and Quality Standards at KFC and hence request for an immediate action... FYI.. I have carefully preserved the Classic Zinger Chicken Burger for further inspection along with the Invoice..

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