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Bangalore, Karnataka

McDonalds India-Bill Total Cheating by McDonald India

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Bangalore, Karnataka

Name: Aman Aggarwal
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Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Below pictures are for my bill today where I have been charged extra (58 Rs) with big calculation (sum) error. Subtotal according to the items (before tax) comes to Rs 137.10 but your systems sub-totaled it to Rs 195.10 which is exactly 58 Rs extra on bill (more than 41%) and also paid extra tax on this 58 bucks.

Even if I calculate using subtotal of 195.10, then also total along with tax comes upto 233.58 but they charged almost 5 Rs extra totaling to 238.75.

When checked with store manager, he said all items have different prices and he doesn't understand the total as it is system calculated. I would like to understand how much we are charged extra everyday, many times we blindly trust your systems and due to time crunch we never tend to calculate item by item.

I would definitely wants to take this with higher authorities as this is hitting our pocket big time.

Friends - make sure you check your bills every time when visiting these big named outlets.

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