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Redknee India Technologies Pvt Ltd-Redknee India Technologies Pvt Ltd — PF transfer form missing

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Name: Maromi Panda
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Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Hello I was transferred from Nokia Siemens Networks to Redknee as a part of internal transfer on 30th March, 2013. Since then the finance team has been telling me that PF transfer form has been submitted. But, in March, 2015 I was informed that there was an issue(I was not told about what the issue was), and some of the transfer forms had to be resubmitted. Today I got to know that my transfer form was never submitted and Redknee finance team does not have my form at all. I am not an employee of Redknee anymore, so no one is ready to assist me. Nokia Siemens Networks PF account : KN/23336/1113493 Nokia Siemens Networks EPS number : KN/23336/17880 Redknee PF account : MH/121226/758 Can someone please help me with this? Thanks Maromi Panda

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