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Name: Amreen Fathima
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Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ This is to bring notice how I am cheated by my employer Oss technologies private limited located in Raheja chambers Bangalore. I was been part of the consultancy for 4 years 9 months 7days for the client HP sales India . And when vendor movement took place I moved to different co. After that I enquire about gratuity and I got an response that I am eligible for it, so I was communicating via email , phone to the HR ( Vishnu, Rekha) since 2 years I was been getting response as " it's been process , they r working on it , invoice has been raised to HP, awaiting awaiting " bla bla bla .. mean time I gave birth to baby girl ..I did follow ups the result was the same then decided must go and meet HR and manager directly .. when I went there I was told manager is not available then HR sent me back and I did 2nd visits after multiple follow ups guess what ?? The manager was busy and he didn't even meet me and HR said I am not eligible for the gratuity as I haven't completed 5 years .. what the hell .. I asked her then why I was getting assurance for past 2 years ??she has no answer instead gave some silly reason ,and I decided to consult my lawyer and I met and discussed with the lawyer after few days the lawyer told me he would be getting a cheque and will inform me to collect it and i kept following up and ended up without any results and he didn't pick phone .. I was following up with them since 2014 and now I am mother of 2 ., do I have to carry my toddler and baby to run behind them my question is when 5 years of service has to be completed why the hell they assured me and kept dragging me . When they committed why don't they kept their words . Pls suggest ??

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