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Ludhiana, Punjab

Amrita SINGH Designs-Amrita Singh Designs, Civil Lines, Ludhiana

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Ludhiana, Punjab

Name: Amrita Singh Designs, Civil Lines, Ludhiana
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My Experience: I had given five suits for alteration and had asked to work on them with slight urgency! Even after calling the lady at least five times before visiting the boutique, the lady tells me that she has lost my stuff and that she had probably given it back to me only. She said she would look for it in the boutique and that I should visit the next day. Since it sounded like a very human mistake, I thought it's ok and i will come back the next day. It's a huge boutique after all and such mistakes are quite possible in such a setup. When I went back the next day, the lady had not even started looking for my stuff and shouts at me instead that I am lying about having called her before coming.
I started looking for my stuff in the boutique myself. I wasted at least two and a half hours of my time doing that with little help from the workers or the owner. The lady offered to take me to the place where her workers sit in case the packet got mistakenly placed there. But when we went there, instead of giving priority to my problem, she started talking to the workers and addressing their problems about the designs they were working on. So three hours later, when we finally find my packet, I tell them to alter them on an urgent basis since I needed to leave on the very same day. The lady (owner) is least bothered and I do her work of telling the workers to work on my stuff. Finally, after this three hour nightmare, when I ask her to consider giving me some discount because of all the inconvenience and stress that was caused, instead of arguing it out logically with me, she snatches my packet out of my hand and keeps it with her and tells me 'Ek paisa kam nahin karungi, Paise diye bina jaakar dikhaao'

Not only did the woman fleece me of money (and I later noticed that two of those five suits were not even worked on properly), but also she talked to me extremely rudely. She even went on to say 'Shakal se to aap padhe likhe lagte ho'

In the end, when one suit was still left to be altered, I told her to leave it. She snatched that too out of my hand and did some one minute thing on it and then demanded 200 bucks for just touching her needle on it. The problem was not even resolved and this was visible to the naked eye too. But I had to pay that extra money also to get my other suits back from where she hid them after snatching them away from my hand.

The entire incident was nothing less than a nightmare and the insulting and derogatory remarks were so extreme and she had went on to even commenting about my family background and the way I look.

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